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1. Which of my products are eligible for FHCP’s Export Certificates?

We can only issue international trade certificates and certificated of free sale for the following products:

  1. Natural health products (NHPs)
  2. Over-the-Counter products (OTCs)
  3. Disinfectant
  4. Medical devices
  5. Low-risk veterinary health products
2. Can I receive Export Certificates for foods and other products not considered health products?

Unfortunately, we do not issue Export Certificates (ITC or CFS) for foods or other products (i.e. cosmetics) that are not considered health products

3. If my business is located outside of Canada, can I apply for an Export Certificate?

The applicant must be located in Canada.  If the applicant is not the product licence holder or have legal responsibility for the product, a letter from the product licence holder or person/company with legal responsibility for the product authorizing the applicant to export the product must accompany the application.

4. What are the differences between an International Trade Certificate (ITC) Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)?

An International Trade Certificate (ITC) is a document that Health Canada used to issue, which speaks to the regulatory status of a natural health product in Canada and/or the Canadian manufacturing, packaging and/or labelling site of such products. Please note that FHCP only issues International Trade Certificates for natural health products. ITCs are not issued for any other type of product.

*Please note- The wording of the ITC document CANNOT be changed or altered under any circumstances. Please ensure with the foreign regulator and/or client that you are ordering the correct certificate before purchase.

A Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) is a product-specific/ingredient-specific document issued by FHCP, which attests to the product being compliant and freely sold with Canadian laws and regulations.

5. Can I get Certificates of a Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) from FHCP?

FHCP does not issue Certificates of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP).  A CPP is a document issued by Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate (HPFBI) that establishes
the status of the pharmaceutical, biological, radiopharmaceutical or veterinary product listed and the good manufacturing practice (GMP) status of the fabricator of the product.  If you are interested in obtaining a CPP, click here for more information:

6. Will my FHCP Certificate of Free Sale or International Trade Certificate have an expiry date?

Export Certificates do not expire. Our notary public will verify every certificate, and the notarization stamp is only valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

7. Do I need to identify the country to which I’m exporting prior to obtaining a CFS or ITC?

No. All certificates are issued per product, per country.  FHCP requires that the customer provide the name of the country to which the product will be exported to at time of purchase.

8. Can I save time by having FHCP legalize my certificates?

Yes. All International Trade Certificates (ITCs) and Certificates of Free Sale (CFSs) issued by FHCP come notarized.  We also the convenience service of offering Global Affairs Canada authentication services should this be required.

9. I’m interested in FHCP’s 24/7 online ordering system. If I have special requests, wording or instructions can I easily inform FHCP?

We have added a comments box, which can be used during check out.  Please use this comment box to communicate any requests (otherwise certificate will be issued as ordered).

10. Will FHCP deliver my hard-copy Certificates outside of Canada?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot offer shipping to other countries.  All orders must be shipped to a Canadian Address.

11. I’m interested becoming a new FHCP Certificate customer. How much does each certificate cost?

All of FHCP’s certificates are $199 per product/certificate (+ applicable taxes).  This includes the cost of issuing the certificate, notarizing the certificate and express mailing the package to you.

We also offer a Bulk Discount of a 50% discount when you order 10 certificates or more in one order. The bulk discount rate is applicable for any combination of certificates as long as the number of certificates purchased within one order is ten or more.  **The bulk discount rate is not applicable over the span of different orders. (If ordering 10 or more certificates, the discount will be applied. Please note that when it is in your cart, the discount will not show up until payment stage.)

*Medical Devices: Depending on the type of medical device, prices for Certificates of Free Sale vary.  Please see the table below prior to making your purchase.

Medical Device Type Price (+ applicable taxes)
Class I $199
System $199 for all device names listed on license
Test Kits $199 for all device names listed on license
Medical Device Family
Group of medical devices made by the same manufacturer, that differ in only shape, colour, flavour or size, that have the same design and manufacturing process, and have the same intended use.  Products can be sold individually, and therefore we charge per product/per certificate.
$199 per device name listed on license
Medical Device Group
Device groups are devices that are listed and packaged together to meet a specific purpose. All Device Names listed under the license are composed of a collection of medical devices, such as a procedure pack or tray that is labelled and sold under a single name. Devices licensed in a medical device group cannot be sold outside the group- as such we list all products listed in a device group under one certificate.
$199 for all device names listed on license
Medical Device Group Family
Collection of medical device groups that are made by the same manufacturer, have the same generic name specifying their intended use, and differ only in the number and combination of products that comprise each group.
$199 per device name listed on license
Single Medical Device $199 per device name

Please note: Our certificates are per product per country, one time use per shipment (ie. the notarized certificate must be enclosed with each shipment). That said, you can only order one certificate per country. If you have more than one importing country, you must buy more than one certificate.

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